19 May

Panthera Partner Jigmet Dadul Receives Carl Zeiss Wildlife Conservation Award


Panthera congratulates our partner and conservationist Jigmet Dadul on receiving the 2014 Carl Zeiss Wildlife Conservation Award - a prize bestowed annually to a select group of wildlife conservationists, managers, and researchers to honor their contribution to wildlife conservation. Serving as Senior Program Manager with the Snow Leopard Conservancy India Trust (SLC-IT) since its inception in 2000, Jigmet works with local communities and various government and non-governmental organizations throughout Ladakh, India to reduce human-snow leopard conflict by developing local education, conservation and research programs.

Panthera’s partnership with SLC-IT began in 2011 to support and expand these important research and conservation efforts in Ladakh. Our goals in India include stabilizing and increasing snow leopard populations by reducing livestock depredation and subsequent retaliatory hunting of snow leopards. Panthera’s focus in this region includes training local villagers in proper livestock husbandry techniques, such as building predator-proof corrals; encouraging alternative forms of income linked to eco-tourism, such as homestays, handicrafts, and natural and cultural tour guiding; and implementation of environmental education initiatives.

Jigmet has been instrumental in developing these conservation and income generation programs that are socially responsible, ecologically sustainable, and economically viable, with the award-winning Himalayan Homestays as a prime example. Income generated through these programs helps offset local herders’ livestock losses to snow leopards and other predators, thus helping protect the future of the snow leopard in Ladakh and beyond.

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