25 Apr

Photo of the Day

Shan Shui/Panthera/Snow Leopard Trust (Bading)

Enjoy Panthera's pic of the day of two beautiful snow leopards, likely mother and cub, taken last December in Soujia, China. As part of Panthera's community-based conservation efforts, our team held a snow leopard monitoring training workshop last year with 24 local people from Yunta village. Villagers were taught in techniques including camera trap field instruction, and placed 16 Panthera cameras across 300 sq km of Suojia's snow leopard habitat, including one that captured this image. In cooperation with our partner, Shan Shui, these villagers have been checking the cameras every month to replace batteries and download images, which provide critical data on the number and behavior of local snow leopards, allowing Panthera and our partners to develop better conservation initiatives on behalf of 'Asia's Mountain Ghost.' Learn more about how Panthera is working to help snow leopards across their range and fostering wildlife guardianship among local people @http://bit.ly/dp6dUn