20 Jan

Press Release: Study Reveals Genetic Distinction of Asiatic Cheetah

Asiatic Cheetah

A new study published in the journal Molecular Ecology reveals that the last remaining 70-110 Asiatic cheetahs now confined to the Iranian plateau are genetically distinct from the African cheetah, and are the last living representatives of the Asiatic subspecies. These data confirm that cheetah populations found in northern-east Africa & Asia are markedly different from cheetah populations occupying southern Africa. These developments demonstrate the urgency of the conservation of the Asiatic cheetah. Iran’s Department of the Environment partnered with Panthera, the Wildlife Conservation Society and the United Nations Development Programme, to protect the Asiatic cheetah and its prey base through the Conservation of the Asiatic Cheetah Project by using camera traps and radio-collars to collect critical data on the ecology of cheetahs.

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