08 Mar

Proceeds from Jeep Apparel Leopard T-Shirts Support Panthera’s Leopard Conservation Projects


Panthera recently partnered with Jeep Apparel to raise funding and awareness about the state of South Africa’s leopards through exclusive leopard t-shirts! Jeep Apparel has created Men’s and Ladies t-shirts, featured below, with beautiful images of leopards, a ‘Save Our Leopards’ message and Panthera’s logo. Now through July 31st, these t-shirts are available for purchase at select Jeep stockists in South Africa, and 10 rand from the sale of each t-shirt will be donated to Panthera to support our leopard conservation initiatives. When you buy a leopard t-shirt, you can also enter to win a 5-star ‘bush getaway’ at South Africa’s Kuzoku Lodge worth 20,000 rand. Visit Jeep Apparel’s website for details on this project and contact Dimitra Nicolau at Jeep Apparel for information on participating stores in South Africa - telephone 031- 3131 400. Select Jeep stores in Australia and Venezuela will also be participating in the project.

Today, Panthera is carrying out the Munyawana Leopard Project in South Africa’s Phinda Private Game Reserve to protect leopards in southern Africa. Since 2002, Panthera’s Munyawana field scientists have collared and monitored 74 leopards. Data gathered through the study was used to rewrite legislation regulating the trophy hunting and control of ‘problem’ leopards, which helped to double the number of leopards living in South Africa’s Phinda Reserve. Along with monitoring leopards living in and around Phinda, Panthera’s scientists are training local ranchers in proper livestock husbandry techniques to mitigate future human-leopard conflicts and increase tolerance for leopards among local communities. Through the Munyawana Project, Panthera’s Leopard Program Coordinator, Tristan Dickerson, is also carrying out Panthera’s ‘Faux Leopard Fur Project’ to reduce demand for leopard skins among members of the Shembe Baptist Church by creating a high-quality and affordable faux leopard skin. Read Panthera’s Leopard Report Card to learn more about the state of Africa’s leopards and what Panthera is doing to save them.