14 Jan

Video: BBC World News Interview with Panthera's President on Lions in West Africa


Earlier today, BBC World News Television interviewed Panthera's President, Dr. Luke Hunter, on new and sobering findings on the state of lions in West Africa. Watch the interview below to see Dr. Hunter discuss the recent and catastrophic decline in West Africa's lion populations and the threats that have brought about this population loss.

Learn what Dr. Hunter had to say about the surprising findings from a Panthera-led study in West Africa, including the existence of just an estimated 250 adult lions restricted to four isolated and severely imperiled populations in the region. Also hear what Dr. Hunter had to say about what is needed to protect and grow these remaining lion populations in West Africa.

Read Panthera’s press release – Lions are Critically Endangered in West Africa - to learn more about the Panthera-led study carried out across 11 countries over a 6-year period.

See photos of lions in West Africa and a map of the region.

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