08 Jul

The Weather Channel’s New Film Series Features Panthera’s CEO, Dr. Alan Rabinowitz, in ‘A Boy’s Promise’


The Weather Channel has just launched a new film series entitled Brink that highlights eco-heroes and organizations fighting to save the world’s wildlife. As part of this series, a new, short film entitled 'A Boy's Promise' has just been released featuring the conservation work of Panthera’s CEO, Dr. Alan Rabinowitz, to save the jaguar and other big cats from the brink. Learn about Dr. Rabinowitz's severe stutter as a child and his promise to one day be the voice for animals, including the elusive jaguar. Also learn about the threats facing the Americas’ largest wild cat today and what Panthera is doing to ensure a future for the jaguar.

As Dr. Rabinowitz explains in the film: "I was born with a severe stutter, and as a child I couldn't speak. I realized that I could talk to animals and they had feelings, but they couldn't express those feelings either. These animals were just like me. I promised them that if I ever found my voice, I would try to be the voice for animals. And I never forgot that promise."

Watch ‘A Boy’s Promise’ below or click here to watch this and other Brink films at weather.com.