In relatively few years I have watched Panthera emerge from its starting gate and accelerate to be, without a doubt, the current foremost big cat conservation organization in the world. A formidable achievement. I asked myself how did this come about? In looking into how this happened and where did these folks get up so much momentum so fast it was clear to me that this was one of those phenomenas that was born of all the right elements. A first rate mission, the zeal and drive of its founders, the recruitment of top minds and leading expertise with obviously good management. I kept seeing what I call "Conservation Stars" joining Panthera and swelling the ranks of a group of world class biologists and feline specialists but being conducted with skill and I might even say bravura. I like those kinds of things when I see them for they spell excellence and virtually always get good things done. I aspire to that approach myself, although I get a tinge of envy to see how outstandingly successful Tom (Kaplan), Alan (Rabinowitz), George (Schaller), Howard (Quigley), David (McDonald), Luke (Hunter), and many more have been in such a short time! This is an All Star team, and they are not that for no reason either, in simple terms, these are the best of the best. It is about that simple. So we can merely expect wonders, and that is what the world is seeing from them. I imagine too that this is going to go on for a long time, and if they keep up this quality of work, they will earn a well deserved place in the top echelons of the worldwide conservation movement. In fact, when I reflect on it, they are already there"
Doug Tompkins, Founder, Tompkins Conservation and the Foundation for Deep Ecology

Panthera is unique in its approach of utilizing the most rigorous science to affect measurable success in big cat conservation. We at the American Museum of Natural History are proud to partner with them in these efforts.”
Dr. George Amato, Director, Sackler Institute for Comparative Genomics American Museum of Natural History

Panthera represents the most comprehensive effort of its kind in wild cat conservation. The big cats of the world need our help, and a scientific collaboration between the Big Cats Initiative and Panthera is a significant step forward in our efforts to save endangered cat species around the world.”
Terry Garcia, Executive Vice President, Mission Programs, National Geographic

Panthera’s Jaguar Corridor Initiative ranks with the world’s most ambitious conservation programs.”
National Geographic

Dr. Rabinowitz’s commitment to conservation is unparalleled. It’s that single minded pursuit that has led to saving so many cats and so much of their habitats, earning our respect and this lifetime achievement award.”
Vyv Simson, Executive Producer and Creative Director of the Natural History Unit, Africa

Save the Tiger Fund has partnered with Panthera because we recognize the urgency of the current state of tigers in the wild and because Panthera knows how to save tigers.”
Jeff Trandahl, Executive Director and CEO of the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation