The Roar Report

11 Mar Features Panthera’s Footage in Compilation of ‘The Best Wild Cat Videos’

Panthera has just published a video compilation entitled ‘The Best Cat Videos Come from the Wild,’ featuring camera trap footage captured by Panthera, our partners and various other conservation organization around the world. Watch the video below to see incredible footage of wild tigers, clouded leopards, African golden cats and many other wild cat species around the globe.

10 Mar

Wild Yaks: Shaggy Barometers of Climate Change


A new study co-authored by Panthera's Vice President, Dr. George Schaller, and led by the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) has revealed that climate change and past hunting in the remote Tibetan Plateau is forcing female yaks onto steeper and steeper terrain. As shared in the report published by Nature, female yaks are travelling to higher ground in search of snow needed to produce milk for their young.

06 Mar

‘Tiger Tiger’ Film Featuring Panthera’s CEO Dr. Rabinowitz Wins DC Environmental Film Festival Award

‘Tiger Tiger,’ a new film featuring Panthera’s CEO Dr. Alan Rabinowitz, has won the first ever William W. Warner Beautiful Swimmers Award from the DC Environmental Film Festival.

05 Mar

The Horseshoe Pride – Part 2

By Dr. Paul Funston, Panthera’s Senior Director of Lion and Cheetah Programs

Dispersal is a fascinating and largely understudied aspect of lion ecology. Among other behaviors, Panthera has been monitoring the dispersal patterns of the Horseshoe Pride in the Zambezi region of Namibia for just over a year now, as part of a lion conservation project carried out with the Namibian Ministry of the Environment and the Kwando Carnivore Project. 

03 Mar

Press Release: The Leopard is Thrown a Lifeline


Peace Parks Foundation and Cartier Join Forces with Panthera to Protect Southern Africa’s Leopards

New York, NY – In time for World Wildlife Day, Peace Parks Foundation (PPF) has joined forces with Panthera, a global wild cat conservation organization, in a new partnership to protect and revive southern Africa’s leopard populations.

02 Mar

Just Released: February Newsletter


Read Panthera’s February newsletter to learn about the new commitment made by the government of Colombia and Panthera to protect the jaguars of Latin America and watch video coverage aired by Al Jazeera English on this new development.

27 Feb

Saving Jaguars - Protecting Wild Latin America


Jaguars are the face of all things wild for Latin America. Ranging from Argentina to Mexico - they've evolved over millions of years to survive. 

The sturdiest of the big cats, they roam between protected areas, through ranches, plantations, across rivers and dams, through the human landscape. Their ability to move and adapt has resulted in them remaining as a single species across their entire range.

26 Feb

Video: Al Jazeera English Reports on Panthera’s Landmark Jaguar Conservation Agreement with Colombia


Earlier this week, Al Jazeera English aired a video reporting on Panthera’s recent signing of a landmark conservation agreement with the government of Colombia to protect the future of the Americas’ largest wild cat – the jaguar.

24 Feb

CBS 60 Minutes Shares ‘What Bob Simon Meant to the People He Interviewed'


Following the recent and tragic loss of legendary correspondent Bob Simon, CBS 60 Minutes has published a touching article on ‘What Bob Simon Meant to the People He Interviewed’.

20 Feb

Press Release: Colombia Reinstates Its Commitment to Jaguars


Bogotá – The jaguar was awarded renewed protection yesterday with the establishment of the second conservation agreement between the government of Colombia and Panthera, an organization dedicated to the preservation of wild cats around the globe.